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Chetan Jariwala

Greetings to Everyone- I am Chetan Jariwala, founder/owner of Mottobiz Pvt Ltd. Encourage, Educate & Motivate!

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Chetan Jariwala (AKA- Chet) is the head of marketing at Mottobiz.  He is responsible for web promotion, content management and SEO strategies.  Chet has successfully launched various distance education/scholarship related websites, increasing traffic and sales through conversion optimization.  His experience as a web marketer and edu consultant has made a tremendous impact for Mottobiz as a brand within the distance learning industry.

Other project association:-

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Education, Online Colleges, Astronomy, Golf, Religion, Spirituality, Distance Learning Planning for college is a challenging process for students. Along with financial implications, they also have to consider the quality of education. As educators, it becomes our responsibility to guide students towards their ultimate goal. Best of wishes to everyone enrolling in college this year!

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